The world is moving closer to autonomous driving, but in the meantime, ride-sharing is the reality for most. Adient, the global leader in automotive seating, has developed removable seat covers to maintain comfort and individualization for drivers and passengers in the car-sharing market.

“With more people joining ride sharing organizations for the reliability, convenience and cost, keeping vehicles clean enhances the experience,” says Nick Petouhoff, executive director of engineering for Adient. “We have designed the removable seat covers to do just that.” With an integrated zipper, Adient’s seat covers are easy to remove and clean. Covers are washable at 86 degrees F and removing the seat cover will not damage the foam in the structure. Adient foam is protected by a lining underneath the removable covers, eliminating the need to be restored or replaced.

For additional protection, Adient’s FreshPer4mance coating can be added to textile seat covers. FreshPer4mance makes textiles liquid-repellent, stain-resistant, antistatic and antimicrobial. Dirt and grime can be removed with one easy wipe, without leaving marks on the fabric. As more people use rental cars, participate in car-sharing and carpooling, Adient’s removable seat covers will increase the cleanliness of vehicles.

Besides keeping seats free of dirt and stains, the covers add a level of customization to a vehicle for manufacturers and owners.