K-Based, Inc’s latest white paper ‘How to Prevent Your Company from Losing Money and Expertise When Top Employees Leave?’ is now available. It explains several very effective techniques for capturing and transferring the deep tacit knowledge of experts. These approaches have been developed over the past 30 years and have shown to be effective through controlled experiments and increased worker performance.

Questions that need to be answered include: how does your company deal with the loss of personal contacts and customer vendor relationships built up over years? How about partner relationships and product and service sourcing knowledge? And what about the specialized process knowledge that enables faster turnaround time and in-depth troubleshooting of your unique processes?

The loss of knowledge from an organization from departing staff is real and reduces competitive advantage. A well-planned and effectively-executed knowledge capture and transfer program can not only mitigate that loss but also build on that knowledge for continued growth and success.

K-Based, Inc’s white paper can assist companies so that when experts leave, their critical knowledge doesn’t walk out the door. When you consider the time it takes to get new hires up to speed and achieve high-performance; or the time and resources spent ‘reinventing’ or ‘rediscovering’ successful processes and products, not to mention the risk of loss of expertise to competitors, protecting this valuable knowledge should be a priority.