With an exceptional price-performance level and short lead time, the TopLobe Plus (TLP) Series from SPX FLOW offers customers a versatile, hygienic rotary lobe pump with low shear and gentle product handling for both high and low viscosity products. With a design based on long experience in highly successful rotary lobe pump models, the new pumps provide reliable performance with low-noise, robust, consistent, smooth displacement of product using sizable fluid cavities that can accommodate large solids in the product flow. They are optimized for energy efficiency operation and offer flushed double mechanical seals optionally to allow dry running.

Overall, the new TLP pump combines proven features of previous SPX FLOW rotary lobe product lines with new innovations to further enhance efficiency, reliability and total cost of ownership. The innovative design includes a unique rotor-shaft and a unique gear case design. Other key features include a compact shaft sealing with short overhang and helical gears for smooth power transmission.

Versatile and easy to install, the TLP pump is suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting, capable of bi-directional flow and has a 4-way mounting gear case. Designed to reduce the total cost of ownership, the pump is easy to disassemble/reassemble and straightforward to service and maintain.