At the 34th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, (SSTL), Goonhilly Earth Station (GES) and Astrobotic announced an agreement to collaborate on delivering a roadmap of innovations that support organizations carrying out operations on and around the Moon.

The agreement formalises a long-term close working relationship between the three organizations with the aim of deploying leading edge in-space communication relay services.

The world’s leading lunar logistics company, Astrobotic, will begin delivering a regular manifest of uncrewed payload flights to the Moon starting in 2020. Many of the companies, governments, universities, and other non-profit organisations operating payloads on Astrobotic’s Peregrine Lander will need sophisticated communication relay services to reach until-now prohibitive destinations on the Moon, including the ‘far side’. SSTL plans to service those needs with state-of-the-art data relay services. Goonhilly Earth Station will receive SSTL’s data relay and transmit data back to payload customers on Earth.

“Working with SSTL and Goonhilly to provide our payload customers with communication services anywhere on the lunar surface is perfectly aligned with our customer-centric approach,” said John Thornton, CEO of Astrobotic. “SSTL is a proven spaceflight pioneer, and we’re thrilled they’re choosing to partner with Astrobotic to help make their lunar plans a reality.”