Phoseon Technology, the leader for innovative LED solutions, has launched Phoseon Capital Services, which in the words of Bill Cortelyou, president and CEO of Phoseon, is designed to: “provide converters with financial and maintenance options to make the transition to UV LED curing systems easy and affordable. With over 1400 flexo press stations curing with Phoseon Technology, converters are realizing the benefits of UV LED curing. With a professional service offering from Phoseon, we will make that transition as easy as possible for our customers.”

Phoseon Capital Services’ team will help companies build the right Phoseon UV LED curing system for their unique and specific requirements, choose a payment plan and schedule installation of the lamps. With global capabilities, Phoseon Capital Services will assist companies in retrofitting their existing printing operations with UV LED lamps.

“This is a full-service global operation, helping customers determine the right UV LED curing equipment for their specific needs, offering financing options and providing on-site installation and continual support service,” said Cortelyou. “Given our history with UV LED curing, we are confident in the quality of our technology and the exceptional results customers are able to achieve using Phoseon UV LED curing systems.”

Phoseon has shipped more than 100,000 lamps used for applications ranging from packaging solutions for consumer goods to the disinfection of laboratory samples. Its platform of innovative LED solutions is found around the world, and continues to be the performance leader due to its ability to get more energy and focused output from UV LEDs than any other supplier.