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Truck expansions
Off-highway trucks are designed to haul ton-after-ton of material throughout quarries, mines and traverse unpaved haul roads in the pursuit of building economies and infrastructure around the world. From time-to-time, the truck bodies on these trucks cannot contain the material they need to maximize efficiency.

To compete in a highly competitive rental market, a Caterpillar dealer recently came to Philippi-Hagenbuch to increase the volumetric capacity of their Cat 745 articulated dump truck by adding nine inch sideboards. Installation was done at the PHIL factory, but can also be done at the dealership or at the client site. When paired with a tailgate, this set of sideboards increased the volumetric capacity of the truck by approximately nine cubic yards — almost 28 per cent more room to haul whatever needs to be hauled by their rental client.

Whether the off-highway truck has a tailgate or not, the addition of PHIL Sideboards is useful in increasing the volumetric capacity of the truck body, and it assists in minimizing material spillage over the body sides. PHIL Sideboards are available in one inch increments from nine inches to more than 40 inches for most makes and models of articulated haulers and rigid frame trucks.

US expansion
In order to better exploit the promising North American market, Getzner, the leading expert for vibration isolation and protection, has established a production facility in Decatur, Illinois (USA). The products made here include elastic bearings for railway traffic and products for the bedding of buildings made from Getzner’s own high-tech materials Sylomer®, Sylodyn® and Sylodamp®. The new factory meets the requirements of the Buy America Act – meaning that not only does manufacturing take place in the USA, but the raw materials are also sourced locally. The Buy America Act requires companies to use products made in the USA for publicly financed projects. “The production facility opens up a whole range of new opportunities for us in the USA. Our centre of expertise, along with research and development, will remain in Buers. That is important to us and it should remain that way,” emphasises Getzner Chief Executive Officer Jürgen Rainalter. The US headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina are also being expanded in preparation for future growth, creating the space and infrastructure needed for twice as many employees.

By opening this new production facility, Getzner is creating new jobs in the USA. “For the first two years, employees from Buers will gradually train their new colleagues,” explains Andreas Denk, President of Getzner USA. “This is important because our processes are very complex.”

$9.9m contract
FLIR Systems, Inc. has been awarded a contract from the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in support of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Second Generation Automatic Identification System (AIS-2) program. The indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract has a ceiling value of $9.9 million to provide second-generation Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponders, associated peripherals, and spare parts for nearly 1774 boats and 282 cutters in the USCG’s active fleet.

The government anticipates the purchase of vessel class-specific kits and spare parts to equip all USCG vessels with AIS-2 over the next five years.

“We are pleased to provide AIS hardware and software technology to support the US Coast Guard’s mission,” said Jim Cannon, President and CEO at FLIR. “Our technology will provide enhanced levels of secure communication and co-ordination between Coast Guard boats, cutters, and shore stations. This award further extends our technology partnership with the Coast Guard, providing next-generation communication capabilities to complement their Raymarine SINS-2 navigation systems.”

Extended relationship
FRAMOS® Group, a global supplier of imaging products, custom vision solutions and OEM services, has been appointed as an approved supplier for the Sony® Spresense® product line in the United States. These professional developer boards, powered by Sony’s 6 core CXD5602 microcontroller, removes the effort of developing great IoT solutions within a short time to market.

“The Spresense product line perfectly fits to FRAMOS’ mission, to support our customers with developing high-end imaging solutions with a short time-to-market,” says Claudia Unterhuber, Global Product Marketing Manager for FRAMOS. “Spresense products comprise an excellent suite of components which enable developers to easily design and build Embedded Vision solutions.”

The Spresense products include a compact development board based on Sony’s power-efficient multicore CXD5602 microcontroller, an ARM® Cortex®-M4F that includes 6 cores using clock speeds up to 156 MHz. The high-quality board allows developers to create IoT applications in a very short time and is supported by the Arduino IDE as well as the more advanced NuttX based SDK. It includes GPS support, high-res audio output offering advanced 192kHz/24-bit audio codec and amplifier, and multi mic inputs supporting up to 8 digital / 4 analog mic input channels.

Increased versatility
Leading global manufacturer of high-quality excavator and loader crane attachments KINSHOFER is now offering its D-Series grapples with a new light, compact and flexible shell, ideal for sorting and demolition. The attachments feature 360-degree endless rotation for precise positioning to give construction, demolition and recycling contractors optimal control when grabbing materials. D-series grapples are available for 4400-pound (2-ton) to 176,000-pound (80-ton) excavators.

Conventional heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders with hydraulic damping protection power the D-Series, while KINSHOFER’s patented HPXdrive powers the D04HPX, D06HPX, D09HPX and D35HPX. The cylinderless HPXdrive system provides constant closing force compared to competitive grapples and reduces overall cost of ownership by about 50 per cent compared to conventional models.

“The D-Series provides contractors with exceptional jobsite versatility,” said Francois Martin, KINSHOFER North America general manager. “The powerful grapples allow operators to easily grab, sort and move a variety of materials. Further, their design incorporates multiple features that reduce maintenance and extend service life.”

Further benefits of the D-Series include a compact footprint, durability and reliability dust-proof axle bearing points and pressure relief valves, among many others.

Super steel
Steel King Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling systems for improving operational efficiency, has announced the availability of several products that can help reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of rack systems. The company’s safety and protection rack enforcement products include: Snap-Guard® and Column Core®, and its guard rail products include: Steel Guard®, Armor Guard®, Guard Dawg® and Mega Guard®. By utilizing these products, companies can protect the investment made in pallet rack systems and ensure safe usage over time.

Steel King’s SK Snap-Guard is an adjustable rack column protector for boltless rack that protects the upright rack column from forklift damage, while Column Core is a unique C-shaped column reinforcement that doubles the impact resistance of Steel King’s SK2000 boltless pallet rack.

The Steel Guard and Armor Guard guard rails protect people, products, and the physical plant from collisions, and with a bright industrial yellow paint finish and anchored to the floor, Guard Dawg is a highly visible and effective end-of-aisle protector for the prevention of fork truck-incurred damage.

Steel King’s Mega Guard is an all welded steel protector designed to help keep fork lift trucks and other in-plant vehicles from damaging facilities and equipment, all while protecting employees.